I still view human beings as being much more primitive than we think. All naked apes living in a very different world than our evolution prepared us for, or can keep up with. Because of this we tend to stray, get lost, and/or confused about who/what we are. My goal is to embrace my primitive nature and transcend into something more through understanding. With the application of knowledge and introspection, I believe that is something we can all do.

I recognize my own ignorance and I don’t want to appear to know everything, because I don’t. No one does. In my posts and podcasts I tend to ramble and may veer off subject, but that’s what I enjoy. I enjoy chasing a thought to wherever it may lead me.

I welcome you my fellow hominids. Please feel free to add to anything I write or say. I also encourage you to point out anything that I may be wrong about. This is how we learn.





11 thoughts on “About”

    1. I have been mulling over this question all day.. This “I” is the representation of the self “I” have created to attempt at identify what I consider to be an individual being. A label I created for myself, or a label given to me. Not sure where it came from. Do you have some insight on this?


      1. You’ll have to excuse “my” advaita background but this question is considered THE question of all questions as it makes “you” trace your thoughts back to their very origin which really cannot be objectified but can be experienced as the Self. Or, so the practice of Self Enquiry goes… What “I” have found is just the one pure being that can take on the appearance of countless others. Like when you meditate and enter into the no state state. It’s just pure formless nameless being and that’s about all that can be said because everything other arises from That. Anyhow, these are just some thoughts. Hello.

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  1. Las Vegas!
    Hey I met you on the streets on Vegas! We had a short conversation that all started over a lighter. I got a new phone and your number wasn’t saved! I would love to get your information again. Definitely remembered your website so I had to hit u up!


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