Comfort in Uncertainty

I am in a place I have never been before in my life. The more I move forward, the more my life is in a constant state of change. It’s scary and mostly confusing. I experience down times of frustration and uncertainty, then I experience highs times of motivation and momentum. I’m really starting to come to terms with the constant change and becoming more familiar with that feeling of uncertainty. In order to grow, we must push the envelope from time to time and feel the discomfort. As Alexis Carrel once said, “Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor.”

When you’re on the path of self-mastery, or just trying to improve your life, it can be easy to get caught up in all the things you think you should be doing. Always looking forward and analyzing the things in your life that you need to change. Putting the focus on what our lives are lacking and developing a lacking mindset. We forget to put emphasis on the present moment and learn to enjoy the only thing that really exists, right now. Life is abundant. Life isn’t just about attaining material wealth and accomplishing goals. It’s about living. Learn how to enjoy your life and to share it with others gracefully. Forgive and recognize no one really knows how to live a perfect life. No one knows all the answers.

When attempting to navigate through our lives, we tend to think we can attain a certain outcome in our own life that by mimicking others. Although it is great to learn from others and apply knowledge that has been accumulated over time, I also believe it’s important to remember that every person is equally vast and complex. What others have done/do to get where they are, won’t work for everyone. We need to recognize the importance of the individual experience. The beauty in it. There are infinite variables that lead to our perceptions, values, ideas, opinions and ways of thinking. We are basically a smorgasbord. All equally as complex and capable of doing great things. It’s a matter finding what is in alignment with the person you have become and are becoming, then running with it.

The reality that we live in is incomprehensible to our tiny human minds, as amazing and vast as they may be. All we can do is interpret the world around us with our five very limited senses. Give yourself a fuckin break! It’s okay to not know the answers and to be confused. We will never fully know the mysteries of this ever expanding reality in which we have the privilege of being a part of. By recognizing the limitations in our understanding, we can forgive ourselves for not knowing all the answers, and in turn have a mind open enough to receive them.



22 thoughts on “Comfort in Uncertainty”

  1. Thankyou, and the same here in all aspects of my life. Very unsettling and uncomfortable. I have discovered more motivation within after reading this. Inspiring!


    1. I’m glad to hear that! I’m learning more and more that life really is a gamble. With knowing that, I’m not as upset when I don’t get a good role of the dice. I just make the most of the cards I’m dealt.

      Take care brother!


      1. Lol….Yesss! At First Eye Thought Eye Had Tagged Myself! LOL! Goes To Show Great Minds Tend To Vibrate Alike…As For The Data On The Image, Do Remember Reading Something About It Before “Adopting” It LoL, Been Awhile…But Will Get Back If Anything.


  2. Right on! We don’t know it all and with the help of the Source we never will – over wise we will be unable to continue on this fantastic journey and have more adventures! Thank You – great write!
    In the hope You find Love close at hand, PortiaSLB


  3. Your post is interesting, I am a soul centered being rather than a mind. I like your findings and we are unique in our own ways due to the potential of our souls which is our own connection to a greater knowledge and we only find out what we are capable of understanding. Look forward to reading more of your analysis.


  4. First, thanks for liking my poem. Your statement above is amazing. It is so in tune with what I’m discovering and learning how to embody. Your comments make me feel like there is a reality of changing commonality (if that makes sense) emerging within the midst of all the ambiguity. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Betty


    1. Of course, you’re poem was great! You can tell it came from a place of truth and authenticity. I really do feel the same way. I have been noticing a lot more synchronicity in my life since I’ve to become more in tune and accepting of myself. I feel like we all have an innate understanding of existence on a deeper level that we can tap into through introspection and shared experience.
      Thank YOU for sharing your thoughts!


      1. I SO agree about we all having an innate understanding of existence on a deeper level…etc. I have heart it said it’s all about recognizing what is always, already present. It is a wonderful feeling to know others are accessing this recognition. THANK YOU!


  5. Great post 🙂 thanks for sharing. It’s crazy to think we can start to understand the universe… old martial art legends say, that when Bodhidharma, a 6th generation student of Siddartha Buddha arrived at the Shaolin temple in Wudang mountain, China, he observed the monks there sitting in meditation. They were, stiff, tense, thinking too hard. This is not meditation. He said to them: “How can you hope to be aware of and understand the unlimited universe when you can’t even be aware of your bodies.” And so he helped them by teaching Chi Gong, Taiji, martial arts to be aware of their own mini-universe first.

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