Lose Control Gain Patience


How naive is man to think that he/she is in control? How life likes to remind us we are not. It’s amazing how a brief moment of control and momentum can be so easily squeezed from our souls through adversity. How is it that we can be robbed of which we took so much pride in, so quickly? How our hearts once filled with a flame that felt impenetrable and inextinguishable, be smothered. Where has the fire gone? To fuel the flames of destructive thoughts that spread through the mind like wildfire? How can one so easily fall back into that which has brought so much pain, suffering, and turmoil? How can one just sit idly by when darkness slowly begins to consume the brightness of life? Like water warming so slowly that you don’t realize it’s come to a boil. Where has the passion gone? Where has that overwhelming feeling of love and excitement for life gone? How do you know if you’re learning one of life’s lessons, or moving out of alignment with it?

No one said life was going to be easy. Some definitely have it harder than others, but we all have our lows and highs. The trick is to not give up. It is inevitable that you will fall off the horse. What really matters is how quickly you’re able to brush yourself off and get back on it. Don’t fucking back down now that you’ve come so far. Greatness is earned, not given or found. What is the point if you don’t try to better yourself, increase your capacity for love and wisdom, that which makes us human and beautiful? Expand your mind, understanding of self and others. Continue on the path of enlightenment. Become kinder, more gentle, less judgmental, more empathetic towards others and their situations. You have no clue the life others have lived, the pain and suffering they’ve endured. The wisdom they have accumulated.  Listen more, talk less. Have more patience with others, and above all, have more patience with yourself.


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